31 december 2017

Barkley's 65-series tractor tyres exceed everyone's expectations

-PRESS RELEASE- Barkley's BLA03 agricultural tyres have proven to be of a high calibre. Many professional users in the practical pilots have been very positive about the comfort and efficiency of Barkley tyres. Heuver Tyrewholesale added Barkley to its range as an exclusive brand over three years ago. At the time, the brand's tyres – for agricultural, OTR and truck purposes - were introduced in several countries. Since then, they have managed to claim a place among the more renowned brands. Barkley's high quality tyres have proven their effectiveness in a variety of tests.

Extremely satisfied

“Initially, professional users were very complimentary about the ‘good looks’ of Barkley tyres”, explains Bertus Heuver, director at Heuver Tyrewholesale. “Now, three years down the line, we regularly hear from users who have put the tyres through their paces. And all of them are very satisfied. Although we discovered the benefits of Barkley tyres during pre-testing, they have now been confirmed by our customers. Barkley's centrepiece - the BLA03 tractor tyre - has proven itself to be very robust and durable.”

“Together with our dealers, we have witnessed fantastic performances at users in the Benelux, Germany and the surrounding countries. For instance, at the end of 2017, one of our most experienced agricultural experts presented testing data about their 710/70R38 (rear axle) and 600/65R28 (front axle) tyres, which had been mounted on a Fendt 720 Vario: after 3,500 operating hours involving manure transport, they still had a profile in excess of 60%.” Of course, such experiences put a smile on the faces of users and tyre specialists, as well as the importer. Another advantage of this series is that tyres are actually as wide as mentioned in the technical specifications. In short: Barkley does what it promises.”

60% pattern remaining after 3,500 operating hours

The user in question, namely farming contractor P.V.D. Hardenberg in Elspeet (NL), had mounted four new Barkley tractor tyres in 2015 and is now very pleased with this decision. Owner of P.V.D. Hardenberg: “To be honest, we hadn't heard of Barkley at the time and relied on the advice we received. We can now look back at that decision with great satisfaction! When the purchased the tyres, not in our wildest dreams did we think so much pattern would be left over after 3,500 hours of heavy use. Both front and rear-axle tyres still have 35 of the initial 52/57 mm.” 
Bertus Heuver: “The fantastic performance of Barkley agricultural tyres means we dare to give customers an ‘operating hours’ guarantee. This means we can ensure the lowest possible price per hour for our professional users.”